Debt Free College Degree The Seminar LIVE – Nov 10th! | Become An Affiliate And Earn $50 Per Referral

CLASS OF 2018 AND BEYOND! NOW IS THE TIME! “We attended the play (College Fever companion to the seminar) in 2011/2012 and it changed our way of thinking about college for our daughter. She attended Delaware State University and graduated

Maximum Impact – Establishing A Foundation For Success LIVE At Ballou Senior High School (10/17 & 18)

CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron – A Discussion About “What The Health & Your Finances”

WATCH NOW! CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron – A Discussion About “What The Health & Your Finances”. Watch every Tuesday on Facebook Live At 11am There is a popular documentary on Netflix that has everyone talking. It’s called “What The

VIDEO! Watch these thoughts from the last DEBT FREE COLLEGE DEGREE SEMINAR

Watch these thoughts from the last DEBT FREE COLLEGE DEGREE SEMINAR and be sure to catch the last one before school starts (Aug 4th!) DEBT FREE COLLEGE DEGREE – THE SEMINAR LIVE COMING AUGUST 4, 2017 TO FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH

CommonCent$ presents The DEBT FREE College Degree Seminar LIVE! Learn How To Earn Your Four Year College Degree WITHOUT Student Loans

COMING LIVE JULY 15, 2017! For more than six years, Jay Cameron has been teaching students how to earn their college degrees 100% DEBT FREE! He’s back with an updated version of the original seminar. Complete with new strategies and

CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron Celebrates Antoinese’s DEBT FREE COLLEGE DEGREE!!!

I’ve known her since she was 10. Watched her through her teen years and her college years. I’m very proud of you Antoinese because you made it all the way through DEBT FREE and as Magna Cum Laude too. What

CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron “UNDERSTANDING INVESTING BEYOND THE 401K PLAN – MORTGAGE NOTES” with special guest Shanice Miller

CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron “Understanding Investing Beyond The 401K Plan – Mortgage Notes” with special guest Shanice Miller Shanice Miller, a debt free college graduate and real estate investor shares her financial philosophy and why she chose real estate as

CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron “HOW TO CLIMB OUT OF A FINANCIAL HOLE” with special guest Mark McKinnon

On the next CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron, Mark McKinnon of McKinnon Acting Studio joins the conversation. Learn how Mark bounced back from being “FLAT” broke with only $20 in the bank to becoming a successful entrepreneur. This is a story

CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron “REAL LOVE AND FINANCES” with Attorney Yaida Ford

What does real love and finances look like? It’s much deeper than romance, buying gifts and traveling. A proper financial plan can demonstrate one’s love for their family and friends. Attorney Yaida Ford will share what an effective estate plan

CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron “SUE HAPPY! – HOW TO PROTECT YOUR ASSETS AND INCOME” with Terrell Sheppard

CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron – Sue Happy! – How To Protect Your Assets & Income Asset and income protection is an essential element in the financial independence process. We live in a “sue happy” culture and many are “sitting ducks”