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Introducing Life TV!

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I am excited to introduce Life TV! This is a concept that I have envisioned over the years.  This web-based TV channel will be featured on YouTube and other outlets. It is designed to cover topics that are insightful and

Symbolic Progress vs Systemic Progress #SevenChains

Jay Quote Symbolic and Systemic

In our image driven culture, it is advised to know the difference between symbolic progress and systemic progress. It is easy to think that they are the same but they are VERY different. Symbolic progress offers the appearance of authentic

Debt Free College Degree – The Seminar Celebrates Graduate Antoinese Washington

Antoinese Washington graduation picture

Congratulations goes out to Antoinese Washington for completing the first leg of her college degree experience 100% DEBT FREE!!


police car

Yesterday, I was at home in FULL chill-mode planning a trip with my wife when the door bell rang. I looked out of the upstairs window to see who could possibly be at my door. To my surprise, two County

Jay’s Official Blog Coming Soon

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A MESSAGE FROM JAY  Stay tuned for my blog about a variety of topics. All blogs posted on this site are designed to educate, uplift and inspire. With that said, some of the blogs will be very thought provoking and